An Ode to 52 years in the Army by Maj Gen Abhi Parmar (Retd))


52 years back this day we proudly took our first step into a totally new world . A world we chose as our life to be.A world that was going to be full of unexplored challenges, of intrigues and mysteries of bondings and separations.
We saw them all . From primitive jungles of NEFA to the head hunters of Nagaland, from exploding shells and the maze of machine gun fire in 71, to the training areas in Choral forest.

Yes we saw them all.



A boy turned man , on the beat of a drum

A cadet turned soldier with one sip of rum

A lad turned leader and trainer of men

The process of soldiering had truly begun

Chosen in war to lead a platoon

Would prove his mettle on the battlefield soon

When orders were given to lead the charge

He went through the enemy with no holds barred

When friends fell to bullets his eyes were dry

Had learned somewhere
that officers don’t cry.

It is now a memory of valour and fright

Of buddies in the morning
of bodies by night

Yes we saw them all.

As shoulders got heavier with additional brass

We moved from the deserts to the snows of Drass.

When the Valley got hot we moved in fast

Stopped some bullets so that peace could last.

Rubbed shoulders with men and had our fun

Got drunk on whisky but loved our rum

We had our share of clubs and messes

Sang and danced and dated pretty lasses

Now the face has wrinkles and hair gone grey

But the swagger is same and same is the sway

The children are gone leading their life

And the soldier is back to me and my wife

Yes the life has been fun.


Today it is all but memory and more

Of soldiering and bonding and laughter galore.

It all started this day 52 years of yore

Happy commissioning day ye batch of forty fore.

Maj Gen Abhi Parmar 

AuthorMaj Gen Abhi Parmar VSM (Retd), was commissioned in Infantry (The Rajput Regiment) from IMA in Dec 1969.  He retired as General Officer and was part of his battalion in the 1971 war. He has served in Deserts, J & K, Sikkim  and NE and also on various appointments in different Formation HQs and Training Establishments.  He is Chairman of Think Tank, “STRIVE” after retirement  and pursuing his hobbies of  Golf, travelling and writing.

Disclaimer: The views expressed are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of the organisation that he belongs to or of the STRIVE. 

Photographs – (Courtesy,  IMA & ANI)

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  • December 22, 2021 at 3:33 pm

    Very lucid,universal in application to all of us as we went through more or lass same paces.
    Profound Regards

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