Group Captain Varun Singh, Shaurya Chakra, finally succumbs to the Will of God Almighty by Maj Gen Abhi Parmar, VSM (Retd)


So Varun finally succumbs to the Will of God Almighty. But then who has ever won against the destiny.

Varun was a fighter pilot and fought like one against all odds till the very end, refusing to say die. It was his sheer will to survive that kept him going for the last seven days but ultimately the Will of the Maker prevailed.

But never before 1.4 billion people would have prayed for a braveheart’s life. Every day millions of prayers went up for his recovery and every evening countless diyas were lit in the hope that Varun should live . But that was not to be.
Varun has gone taking the blessings of the whole nation and his soul would remain eternally blessed. While the nation is there with the parents in this moment of grief but even as they grieve I am sure they would always be proud of such an illustrious son who went down like a true warrior and a true fighter.
And then there is this brave wife with the two children who till now were the back bone of Varun’s emotional support giving him the go to fly and measure the skies, but would now have to charter a new life ahead without their guiding beacon physically present with them . May they draw their strength from the proud legacy that Varun leaves behind for them to follow and emulate ..

God Bless your soul Varun ..Rest in peace for you will always be remembered as a fighter and a soldier who didn’t give up without a fight even to death.
ॐ शांति 🙏🏻
Maj Gen Abhi Parmar, VSM (Retd)