Human and Corona : Fight II By Dr. Aniruddha Uniyal


Human and Corona : Fight II


Human and corona get into a fight,

Virus challenging  human’s might,

Deleterious mutation in spotlight,

High infectivity worsening the  plight,

Chances of infectivity very bright,

Human putting up a brave fight.

Don’t try to hide symptoms and their insights,

If infected quarantination is said to be right,

If having cough cold pain and fever,

Take advice from the doctor nearer.

No frequent face touching,

But frequent hand washing,

No coughing without hand cover,

And sneezing only with mask over.

No more hugging even with dearer,

Double mask outside as face cover,

No convergence in common places,

Only confinement in home spaces.

No more strolling in the streets,

Social distancing during the greets,

Testing, tracing and treatment should remain,

Accelerated vaccination will break the chain.

About the Author

Dr. Aniruddha Uniyal is Scientist and Head Earth Resources Division at Remote Sensing Applications Centre U.P., Lucknow and is a popular science writer.